Lube Tube

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Instructions for use:
1. Follow any and all aerosol product manufacturers’ safety recommendations.
2. Eye protection is recommended.
3. To avoid contact with the product being applied, stop spraying when colored indicator emerges.
4. For best results, tubing should be straightened before use. After removing from package, secure each end to a straight object (e.g. a broom handle, etc.) and place in direct sunlight to heat tube. A heat gun carefully applied for a few minutes will also do the trick. Allow tube to cool in this straight condition.
5. Before application perform test spray by spraying into an empty clear plastic bottle.
6. Insert tube into area to be treated, depress can nozzle and draw tube back until yellow indicator is visible.
7. After use, clean out tube by flushing with thin oil or solvent followed by gentle compressed air being careful to hold opposite end. Store Lube Tube on nail or hook in vertical position to ensure it remains straight and ready to use.

*Note: LUBE TUBE has been tested with success on most aerosol lubricants and some paints. The LUBE TUBE is NOT compatible with CorrosionX Heavy Duty in aerosol cans. The HD is too thick to dispense through the LUBE TUBE!