Fluid Thin Film Coating

CorrosionX displaces moisture and stops the corrosion process.

Sealants can trap moisture and allow corrosion to continue.

Even though our Fluid Thin Film products may look and feel like ordinary oil, there's nothing 'ordinary' about them. They are made up of more than a dozen different components, each designed for a specific purpose. The end result is remarkable... products that stop and prevent corrosion. They creep, penetrate, lubricate, are dielectric and displace moisture.

Corrosion Technologies Corporation coined the term "Fluid Thin Film Coating" to describe the basic technology found in all our anti-corrosion products and to distinguish them from barrier coatings or wax-based sealants commonly used as corrosion inhibitors. They are not sealants, contain no wax, tar, silicone or solids and leave no sticky, gummy mess behind.
Polar Bonding with metal surfaces makes CorrosionX cling like a magnet and resist being washed away. The film creeps and spreads until it reaches a minimum thickness of .0003".

A corrosion cell is similar to a tiny battery. There is an anode, cathode, electrolyte and a path of current. Eliminate any one of these elements and you can shut down the process. FTFC doesn't stop with just one, it removes two: it displaces electrolyte and leaves an ultra-thin dielectric film that blocks the path of current. And, because of its film thickness, it won't interfere with circuitry.

Polar Bonding

If you could see a molecule of CorrosionX, you’d note that it has positive and negative poles (anodes and cathodes), just like metal molecules. The CorrosionX molecules and metal molecules are attracted to each other and form a strong, magnet-like bond. The CorrosionX film spreads and spreads until it forms an incredibly thin coating that is practically weightless. The “magnetic” attraction and capillary action are so strong that CorrosionX goes everyplace moisture goes. It penetrates seams, climbs rivet shanks and generally reaches the tiny spaces where corrosion most often starts. The penetrating power of CorrosionX is also enhanced by this polar bonding characteristic. It helps CorrosionX creep through microscopic voids and over surface irregularities to penetrate between seized surfaces where it softens rust and corrosion deposits to free up frozen parts.

Polar Bonding also makes CorrosionX an outstanding penetrant - better than products made specifically for that purpose. Add that to its lubricating ability (better than products fortified with “Teflon”), and it’s the perfect product for cables, locks and hinges, as well as cannon plugs, micro switches, antenna bases, circuit breakers and connectors, any place where electrical or electronic connections might be subject to moisture or saltwater damage.

Application Services

Great Lakes Corrosion is proud to offer to our customers in the great lakes area custom applications of CorrosionX. We are factory trained, professional technicians who can apply any CorrosionX product to Aircraft, Vehicles, Trailers, Posts, Boats, Ships, virtually any large metal object. The benefits of a CorrosionX application are many, even if there is existing corrosion, no problem, the CorrosionX will “ Kill” the corrosion cell at the molecular level as well as protecting against further progression. Please call, or e-mail us for a custom quote, and mention where you are located, and what you would like to have treated. We look forward to hearing from you!