Why GLC?

Welcome to Great Lakes Corrosion. You did not arrive here by accident. If you are searching for the Best products available to protect your investments, please click on the product information section at the top header to learn more. You may notice that Great Lakes Corrosion only offers Corrosion Technologies products. There is a reason. As a twenty year, full time, professional technician: aircraft, marine, auto (if it is broken I can fix it), I have used virtually every product out there. Through trial and error I have found what works and what doesn’t. That is why I am proud to distribute CorrosionX and its family of products. I have used these products for years and have found them far superior to anything I have tried; there is nothing out there even remotely close to performing like CorrosionX. Don’t just take my word for it. Militaries around the world use CorrosionX extensively. CorrosionX meets, and exceeds military specifications. Major aircraft manufacturers, as well as the United States Government even give CorrosionX they’re own part numbers! This web site is designed to educate and inform you on what our products are and how they perform. After touring the site, I encourage you to order and try some today. Remember that Corrosion Technologies offers a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied, no IFs, ANDs or BUTs!

Customer Testimonials

"When the USPS lost my order, Great Lakes Corrosion went out of their way to hurriedly ship a replacement order to me!"
Gary Rogers City, MI

"Boat racers expose everything to harsh environments, including salt water spray. As racers, we are always looking for products that offer the best performance. In regards to corrosion prevention and lubrication, we have found it in Corrosion X"
- Dennis Wright, Owner S2 Superior Miss. Wright Brothers Motor Sports

“While preparing for the hunting trip of a lifetime to the Arctic Circle, a patient suggests I use CorrosionX. After much research and trial, that was the best decision I made! All other hunters in our party were having firing issues due to the days of -30 F exposure. My Seko operated flawlessly and I was able to fill my permits! Thank you, CorrosionX!”
- Dr. E., Commerce Michigan.

"Corrosion-X is the best rust penetrant that I have ever used, bar none! I've used it for more than 9 years for freeing rusted bolts and preventing corrosion"
- Gary Rogers City, MI